The Entire Family is Welcomed at Keck Family Dentistry - Dr. Joe and Megan Keck with their son.

Did you schedule your child’s first dental visit? At Keck Family Dentistry, we love seeing children of all ages and teach them the importance of good dental care while making it fun!

How can you make sure your child’s first dental visit goes smoothly? Download our FREE guide providing you the top 10 tips to help their first dental appointment go smoothly (without the kicking and screaming!)

Don’t forget:

  • We can see the entire family at once
  • A vast range of services available under one roof
  • Flexible payment options are available

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Need more tips? Not a problem! Drs. Joe and Megan Keck are not only Thorntown family dentists, but they’re parents themselves! Send us a message and we can provide more tips!

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